August 2021
August 3rd 
Joint Committee Meeting 7:00pm

September 2021
September 7th 
Joint Committee Meeting 7:00pm

October 2021
October 5th 
Joint Committee Meeting 7:00pm

October 20th
BAVTS Open House 6:00pm


BAVTS Computer Camp

BAVTS held a computer camp for rising 9th graders within our districts from July 26th through July 30th.  25 students from Liberty, Freedom, Northampton, and Saucon Valley High Schools participated in activities within our Computer Networking and Web Development


Auto Collision Student Wins Scholarship

Congratulations to Aiden Piccuirro for winning a 25% scholarship to

the Automotive Training Center through the Stephen C. Hiscox

Scholarship Program.  Aiden will be starting school this summer at

ATC in the Automotive & Hi-Performance Technology Program. There

were over two hundred and fifty high school seniors that tested. The

eleven finalists interviewed with an independent scholarship

committee comprised of professionals in the auto industry.


"We are thrilled for Aiden to start school with us at ATC and know he will be successful throughout his time with us." -ATC

Screen Shot 2020-10-23 at 7.15.48 AM.png

Casilio Concrete Unveils New Cement Truck Designed by BAVTS Student

Casilio Concrete brought their truck by the

campus on September 30th to celebrate the

wrap design created by now BAVTS Alum,

Eric Navarijto, a graduate of the Commercial

Art program in 2020.  Eric created the design

for Casilio in the Spring of his senior year and

the design was finalized and installed over

the Summer.

What's the Buzz?

Raising honey bees at BAVTS began as an idea one year ago with the intent of creating a community service model to educate students and the public about their importance. Today, it is a reality! 

The project is spearheaded by Laura Donaldson, Secretary for

School Operations, who took a Beekeeping course taught by Master

Beekeeper, Dr. Vince Alloyo at DelVal University in Chalfont, PA.

“Armed with basic knowledge, a lack of fear and a general

enthusiasm, I dove in.” Donaldson said. 

The beauty in this project is that multiple
programs at BAVTS were

involved in the initial set-up from the Building Trades who constructed

the frames for the hives, to Commercial Arts students who spent

weeks painting the exterior of the hives and the Masonry students

who installed solid level blocks as foundations for the hives.
From March to May, Donaldson took
care of the bees. She supplied

them with jars of sugar syrup and the Baking class assisted by

making bee pollen patties to supplement their food source. This was

all necessary to keep the bees alive until natural vegetation and plants began to flower and produce pollen.  

After months of caring for the bees, Donaldson got her first honey harvest in late August. Assisted by Culinary Arts instructor, Chef Dario Chavez, who demonstrated easy methods to sterilize and prepare the jars for filling, and Welding instructor, Kurt Samson, who helped by welding the extractor legs to a sturdy cart for the extraction process, honey was produced. Year one produced 239, 9oz. jars!!!

This is just the beginning for the BAVTS Honey Bees! A herb/vegetable/flower garden should be considered to enhance the overall program, and farm to table methods including honey harvest could be incorporated into the culinary program. Beyond the honey, beeswax is the by-product of the honey and can be extracted and used to make numerous useful items such as salve, furniture wax, candles, etc.